The Witches of Halloween Haven

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One year has passed since the witch was killed for good. Everyone in town has moved on with their lives and started to forget all about that little house on the hill in the woods.But Halloween approaches, and evil always returns...The witch may be dead, but she has family. Family that finds out what the town did to her. Family that will make sure they never live to see another Halloween again.Carmen and Tommy go out on Halloween to enjoy the spooky holiday when disaster strikes. This time the witches take the adults and cut the town off from the outside world, leaving Tommy and his friends alone to figure out how to save their families and stop the witches once and for all.But the witches have a plan in store for them, one more terrifying than they can imagine. A mysterious timer counts down to midnight, and when it reaches zero, nobody will be safe...
Fantasy & SF
Halloween of Horrors (2)
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15 oktober 2019

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The Witches of Halloween Haven: viendschap en samenwerking

door: Ferry76Visser 1 like
‘The Witches of Halloween Haven’ (2019) is unputdownable. Dit verhaal is niet alleen een verdieping van het eerste, het laat ook een sterke ontwikkeling zien van schrijver. Deze pageturner gaat niet alleen over vriendschap. Het is ook een prachtig verhaal over samenwerking. Dit tweede deel van...

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