The Wolf of St.Germaine


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My name is Matt Wilder... Once on a Monday afternoon, when I was a little boy, my parents had the idea to go for a ride up to the mountains. I never thought that that night would end in a horrible nightmare. That was then, this is now. There is a girl. A girl I want to protect from what I am, but I cannot let her go. At least not the way she thinks. I thought that by breaking up with her, things would be easier. I was wrong. In this book you will find everyday teenage problems, and two once lovers trying to deal with their breakup. The wolf, trying to protect his girl and little red riding hood angry and confused. But who knows... Soon everything might change for them after a magical object suddenly ends up in their hands. +

Young Adult
Fictie 15+
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Uitgeverij Boekscout
Eerste editie
12 februari 2021
Laatste editie
12 februari 2021

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