Thoughts on a Course in Miracles


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Each morning throughout 2019 author Johanna van Zwet consulted her intuition on the daily lesson of the workbook in “A Course in Miracles” and put down the inspiration she received. This resulted in 365 conversations and comments that make up “Thoughts on A Course in Miracles”. The intuitive thoughts are in plain, everyday English, offering present-day readers a refreshing angle on the richness of ACIM’s teachings. She refers to ACIM-concepts—such as the ego, the Holy Spirit and the world—with straightforward terms: the monkey mind, the higher self and the canvas. Figures of speech are sprinkled throughout the collection to help clarify aspects that might otherwise elude understanding. When it comes to bridging the gap between unforgiveness and salvation she writes: “It is like looking at the world through a pair of snow goggles, only to conclude that the world is a dismal place. Think of salvation as taking off your goggles and discovering that the world is full of light.” “Thoughts on A Course in Miracles. Intuitive Comments on the lessons in the workbook" is a present-day diving board affording access to the depth of ACIM’s teachings.


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