Three Minutes of Eternity


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This is a pop-reality book that unveils the backstage goings on at the Eurovision Song Contest through the eyes of an active participant. It glimpses into politics in Israel about the competition, world politics, corruption, romance, and off camera secrets. Yanai Tannenbaum, Head of Press for the Israeli delegation to the Eurovision Song Contest, is asked to work at a competition in Baku, Azerbaijan, a Muslim country having an open border with Iran. Yanai and singer, Yarden Oz, undergo a long and winding journey to represent their country in the competition. Once in Baku, they are, of course, drawn into romance and alcohol binging. They succeed, in their unique and vulgar way, to enchant those around them. What they did not count on - among the glamour, sequins, and gimmicks - is having to be guarded against kidnapping by 15 special agents and knowing that they could die at any moment!


Thrillers & Spanning
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Amazon Publishing
Eerste editie
01 januari 2017
Laatste editie
10 mei 2021

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