Unmistakable Inseparable


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She does not always look through rose-colored glasses, but suddenly she is, and love overcomes everything. Love, that is the little word that tries to capture this wonderful attraction to another person. In this book ten couples describe how they found their love and why this one person is the one they want to spend the rest of their lives with. Despite its rough edges, or perhaps because of them, they show that love can overcome boundaries and give the strength to get through difficult times together. Onecouple met at a crisis in their lives, at a clinic for the treatment of acute mental illness. A man had to overcome his own emotional barriers to allow love for another man. Still others have tried to banish a holiday flirtation from the heart - but love is stronger than anything else and often provides a second chance.Undraped, open and emotional, these lovers share their personal stories. This book is full of emotion and most importantly, it’s real.


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18 april 2020

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