What The Cat Dragged In (The Celtic Witch Mysteries) (Volume 1)

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Bron’s a traditional Welsh hedge-witch. She walks between the worlds, helping both the living and the dead. She’d rather be pottering in her garden and drinking tea, but when you’ve a Fated Mission, then you’ve a Fated Mission, and so here we are.The body that turns up in Bron’s garden one day has actually been there for decades, hidden deep, and he died of natural causes. Just rebury him and carry on as normal, right?But it’s kinda hard to be normal when the ghost of the dead man has been disturbed, and now he wants … well, just what does he want? He hasn’t figured out the whole speaking-as-a-spirit-thing yet.It’s down to Bron to find out. If she doesn’t, that ghost is going to be lingering in corners and upsetting kitchen chairs for the rest of her life. Creepy, tedious and noisy, all at the same time.She’s helped by the unexpected arrival of her cousin Maddie from America, who is seeking connection and history in this uncertain age. And there’s another mystery – why is this vivacious, friendly young woman so evasive and afraid? Soon they are up to their knees in faery folk (don’t trust em), druids (keen on trees), wild animals (Bron’s a healer), the obligatory smouldering blacksmith (sorry, he prefers men), and the maddest Mad Great Aunt of all.Life is never dull in Llanfair!
Fantasy & SF
(The Celtic Witch Mysteries (1)
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