White Lies

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Matthew Hex was once a normal teenager whose biggest worry was whether or not his parents discovered his failing grade in algebra. He enjoyed chili dogs, video games, and hanging out at the mall with his friends, but all that changed on a cold night in November when his young life was suddenly cut short. Death gripped his soul tightly and would have succeeded in delivering him to his afterlife if it wasn't for a sympathetic vampire who happened upon the teen's body.Now, two years later, Matthew has managed to find a new normal as he adjusts to life as one of the living dead. He has his sire, a place to call home, and a steady food supply. Things are good for him even if they aren't perfect. However, finding peace in death and holding onto his remaining humanity turns out to be a harder task than he imagined when he finds himself the target of a group of zealous slayers who'll stop at nothing to find what they're looking for. Add in his overprotective sire, a cynical siren, a denim clad angel, and his lycan girlfriend's father, Matthew soon realizes that the normal he's found is really a tangled web of white lies meant to shield him and his companions from each other's past mistakes. As the lies began to unravel Matthew must hope that his new life won't be as easily shattered as his first one.
Fantasy & SF
(The Lives we live)
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07 januari 2018

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New discovery of a talented author!

door: Ursula Visser 1 like
Yes, it is about vampires, but it is written like I've never read a book before. It is like your being guided through the stories by the POV's themselves. Told from different POV's, I did get to dive into the story from a few angles... this is so well done! I started reading part two after...

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