Younes III


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I was asked who Younes actually is?
Let me put it this way, Younes is a good person who is deep
in my heart.
Especially sometimes there is always one person who motivates you in this life.
That’s the reason why I see him as a life lesson that
I have learned a lot from and can still learn from day to day.
I have learned to be strong and to be on my guard.
I have learned to be able to laugh again and stand up for myself.
And that is what I want to give you as a reader.
Don't give up because there is always a way out.
If a door closes, another door will certainly be opened for you!
Sometimes you meet people for a reason and you
are the reason that I have become
more aware of life.
How do we deal with certain situations?
Do we have our emotions under control?
Or do we let our heart speak?
As long as you follow your path and listen to your heart it will only get easier.

No one will be able to understand you until that person gets to know your true you!
And that is exactly why I write about you.

Just you..

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