Bold as Love

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The first episode in the Bold As Love sequence. It's Dissolution Summer, Europe is in turmoil, and the United Kingdom is about to break up into separate nations, The Counterculturals have gathered at Rivermead for a festival where everything's allowed. Among them is a talented little brat called Fiorinda, rock and roll princess by birth. She's searching for her abusive father, legendary rock-god Rufus O'Niall. Instead she finds Ax Preston, the guitarman with bizarre delusions about saving the country from the Dark Ages, and Sage Pender, aka Aoxomoxoa, techno-wizard king of the lads. Together they join the government's CounterCultural Think Tank, a pop-icon team recruited by the Home Secretary to combat the wild success of the Extreme Greens, the Counterculturals and Eco-Warriors. They're told they're going help save the country from anarchy: they don't believe it; they're just hoping for some free publicity. But ''Pigsty Liver'', the Home Secretary's favourite among the pop-icons, has other ideas. A violent coup d'etat is just the start of a terrifying cascade of events. England descends into chaos: Fiorinda, Ax and Sage, and their friends, find themselves taking on truly extraordinary roles, onstage and off, as they fight, by any means necessary, to save the future.
Literatuur & Romans
Smashwords Edition
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