Would you rather.… We all know the game of hard choices between alternatives that are both equally (un)desirable.
Dilemmarama turns the old question into a social and exciting game full of hard choices with rough edges and quirky options, to laugh about, discuss, and battle over. The creators brought the 'Would you rather' question to new heights by adding funny illustrations and by inventing some tricky rules so you can play Dilemmarama with your friends as a card game, discuss the pros and cons, and learn a thing or two about each other.
The dilemmas in here all have alternatives that are both very undesirable. The first rule of the game is, you HAVE to choose. The game consists of 60 parts of a dilemma, enough to create over 1,000 different dilemmas. The goal of the game is to create the hardest dilemmas by playing out a dilemma card that makes the dilemma on the table as equal as possible. The other players then have to vote for their choice. The more even the voting turns out, the more points you score. Or in this game the less punish points you get. The game is a bitch.
A second game play option is 'How good you know your friends?' In this variation you have to predict what your friends will choose and you score when you are right.
Dilemmarama guarantees hours of awkward moments, laughter, and tough discussions over hard choices. This has FUN written all over it. Don't forget: you have to choose! Master it and you become the Dilemmaestro.
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06 juni 2016
BIS Publishers BV

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