Divided Worlds

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Alexis and Molly return to the Faery Realm, this time to confront monsters. Mutated creatures that move through the Wilds are endangering the fae and threatening the balance of the Realm. Meanwhile, another kind of monster is stalking Molly at home, sending her twisted little gifts as signs of his affection. With their problems bleeding into the Mortal Realm, Alexis and Molly have no choice but to fight back. Teaming up with the fae Monarchs, the girls venture into the Unseelie Court to find a way to defeat these demons. However, their new allies are just as frightening as the beasts they will be facing ..

Sciencefiction & Fantasy
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11 februari 2018
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Faery Realm #2

door: Ursula Visser 1 like
Alexis' and Molly's adventure goes on, and turns darker as they are forced deep into the Faery Realm. Surrounded by the many faces of the Courts, Alexis finds her way, and her place on Keir's side. Molly has more than enough work on Dax, whose love is not what she had in mind. Meanwhile more and...

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