The black mage

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A beautifully constructed castle magically suspended above a massive lake, the halls
of St. Ivory Academy of Spellcraft and Sorcery have for been reserved for only the most
promising of young magic users . But times are changing, and St. Ivory is finally taking
the first, grand steps to break down the barriers that have splintered white mages from
their separate-but-equal black mage counterparts. There is no better way to show their
dedication to a diverse and inclusive future than the Magical Minority Initiative, a
program to select and admit the first-ever black mage to the school.
The lucky winner, Tom Token struggles: with the hostility of his classmates, with his
teachers’ dismissively low opinion, and with being the only Black student at the school,
at all… and that’s before he starts suspecting there may be more to the school, and
his acceptance, than meets the eye. With help from his student liason, Lindsay, his
familiar, Jim, and a couple of vaguely familiar ghosts who haunt the school, Tom must
unravel the web of a conspiracy that dates back to the American Civil War... and could
cost him his very soul.
Young adult
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Oni Press
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29 oktober 2019

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