The Emperor's Hawks

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First in a new series! Assassin's Creed meets Jason and the Argonauts in the epic sequel trilogy to the bestselling Chronicle of the Unhewn Throne

Epic fantasy star Brian Staveley's next thrilling chapter in the bestselling saga of the Annurian Empire is a swashbuckling quest beyond the edge of the known world, to realms strange and deadly.

In the shocking aftermath of The Last Mortal Bond, the newly reconstituted Kettral―the black ops bird riders from Staveley's original trilogy―must embark on a dangerous voyage to the distant island their war-hawks come from, in order to replenish their decimated ranks.

But what they discover by the end of their odyssey will change the Kettral forever―and the Annurian Empire along with it.
Fantasy & SF
Chronicle of the Unhewn Throne (4)
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31 december 2020
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