The Twin Flame Reunion

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Greg and Violet are among many other Earth Angels who are reuniting with their Twin Flames. They must work through their own fears in order to be together, but at times, it's just too overwhelming.

Aria and Linen left the Other Side hand in hand, to become humans on Earth. Despite being afraid of forgetting everything, Aria's memory remains intact. But when she finds Linen, he has no memory of her at all.

Charlie experiences an Awakening, and meets his Twin Flame. But when he is unable to control his anger, he changes his future forever.

Starlight leaves her Twin Flame on the Other Side, and goes to Earth, so she can assist Violet and the other Earth Angels with the Awakening. But she is not prepared for everything that comes with being human.

Leona has a vision of her Twin Flame, and decides to search for her. But when they find each other, Leona can See that it may not last.

Sciencefiction & Fantasy
The Earth Angel Series (4)
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29 november 2015
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