2019 reread update: I love it as much as I did the first time and this has a very high chance of ending up as spot number 4 in my top 5 favorite series of all time (after Harry Potter, Tule by Thea Beckman and The Infernal Devices).

This book is epic! I love the first series, The Remnant Chronicles, but book 3 fell a bit flat for me at the end (last 30%) so I was really curious how I would find this one. Well, I loved it. LOVED IT.

I had a few issues at the start, it was a little hard to get into when you come across things from the previous books but I couldn’t remember how the last book actually ended.. so I needed to reread the last chapters of the last book. I think it might be quite hard for readers not familiar with the Remnant Chronicles despite that it can be read as a loose book, just like how it’s hard to get the magical concepts of Six of Crows when you haven’t read the Grisha trilogy. It can be done but requires extra effort, especially at the beginning.

So the beginning is a bit difficult, but after that ooooooh it just takes off like a fancy space rocket. Lots of sparks. We meet some wonderful members of the Rahtan, the queen’s elite soldiers, who are sent out to investigate if they can find one of the big baddies of book 3 that managed to escape. Kazi is one of them. They end up in Ballenger territory, where a new king just took over. This king, Jason, is smol and the new country (or should I say oldest country) is so interesting and fleshed out! I love how the Ballengers are extremely bent on honor and family, while running a black market. Anyway, something goes amiss and both Jason and Kazi end up chained together. Forced to spend time together, they learn to know each other quite well... there are both pov’s from Kazi and Jason so we as a reader get the full picture. And ALL THE FEELS. I’m not gonna say more because spoilers, but this was an excellent beginning and I loved the twists and writing style and world building. And above all: the characters. Jason’s family is quite big and I just loved the banter and dynamics! The Rahtan are amazing too, and Kazi, and Jason just stole my heart. It’s very well done! I can’t wait for book 2...

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Dance of Thieves - Mary E. Pearson
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