Foreshadow is a collection of 13 novellas, set up a little different than normal. Because you get a lot more than 13 short stories all with an amazing plot twist, you also get a short essay explaining why each story works, what makes it tick and you get explained how to keep suspense, how to set up a story and how to get people to accept the weirdest things. Because believe me: things get weird!

One thing I love about short stories is that they’re mostly about ideas. You can get that one brilliant spark of an idea and just write about it, and it brings across the point very nicely because it’s short. These authors all used this quite well, because as I said: things get weird. Was it sometimes too weird for me? Yes. Especially as some stories ventured into horror. But I did see the point very clearly and the plot twists were so cool and basically you’re reading all kinds of plot twists and get amazed at every turn and then it even gets explained so your own writing and understanding improves. I think this book will be very valuable and a great read for many, especially writers but also “normal” readers like me who just want to be amazed and learn about stories a bit more.

I received a free e-copy in exchange for my honest review.

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Foreshadow - Emily X. R. Pan
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