I loved it!!! Such amazing chronic illness rep...!!! It’s SO GOOD. Like spot on, #ownvoices . I love how you can see how it impacts Chloe’s life but that she’s still very much her own person and has this sparkling personality and snark that makes you smile! All in all, very realistic and amazing to have this disabilty rep without it being a (negative) plot point but just something you have and deal with. Can totally recommend! However, I kinda thought it was YA (I saw disability and clicked buy...), but it is very adult and I dislike smut extremely and there was quite a lot of it. So be warned about that aspect lol! It’s the only reason I gave 4 stars instead of 5, it’s not entirely fair but I simply can’t give a book 5 stars if I didn’t enjoy all of it... But it’s very nice to see a curvy Black person with chronic illness starring in a swoonworthy romance novel! We need this to be normal! Also, the love interest is amazing and they really compliment each other. He’s not perfect thank goodness, but for me he is very unrealistic because I have never met a healthy person who can deal with chronic illness like this and is willing to meet her needs without questions and can see when she has a flare. Maybe someone like him does exist and I might be too negative, but I have to admit I cried a bit because I just wish I had met someone like him.

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Get a Life, Chloë Brown - Talia Hibbert
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