I loved this book! Way more than I thought I would because I really struggled with the first chapter (too many names lol). But it picked up and oh boy did I love it! The MC, Shalia, has such strength and personality and is totally badass in the way of “kill them with love”. It is not the conventional YA female who rushes into everything and fix it with magic or confrontation. Shalia actually thinks things theough, is realistic and very mature (she had to grow up too fast), and has just such strong personality and kindness that you can’t help but love her. Her brother is also amazing (he has a pet falcon, what’s not to love!) as are the other characters. And... I have a few books where I keep reading one part over and over again because it is so meaningful and epic and awe inspiring. Not many books have this moment for me, and this book has it. I felt it all, the horror, the defiance, finally letting go of what you hold inside - and it was powerful. I will reread that part many times

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Reign the Earth - A. C. Gaughen
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