A girl of about 12 years is left in a suitcase in front of the FBI building in San Francisco. Nobody knows who she is or where she's from. No-one has filed a missing-persons report. And why is she left at the FBI office? Was it done on purpose so the FBI would find her? The girl herself remembers only little. She has vague memories of an hospital-like institution and a man in a white coat like a medical doctor. She als remembers getting in a luxury container in Taiwan (air conditioned, washing possibilities, ample food and drink) with 11 older girls (going to work as prostitutes). Once in America she is separated from the other girls, drugged and eventually left in that suitcase.
What's even stranger is that young Xiaolian, as they namer her, is the spitting image of agent Abby Kane at that age. In order to help with this difficult case the child stays with Abby instead of in fostercare and mysteriously disapears from her house. And that's certainly not all….
In the meanwhile the FBI manages to arrest the prostitution ring that smuggled the girls int the country and deals with a crazed mass murdering shooter…

I absolutely loved this book despite having to wait till the end of book three to learn the solution to the suitcase mystery. The story is too good not to read on.

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Suitcase Girl - Ty Hutchinson
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