A Haunting at Hollow's Cove

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Mark Winters comes home from work to find his worst nightmare: his family, murdered. The only clue at the crime scene is a mysterious brochure for an old, run-down fishing lodge. When he arrives, Mark finds that there's something strange about the locals and even stranger about the lodge. It sits on the edge of a lake, overlooking an ominous island on the water that the locals warn him to stay away from. But Mark starts to see the ghost of his son, who wants him to go to that island and discover secrets long-forgotten. But as Mark digs into the past and tries to solve the puzzle, forces far more powerful and evil than he can imagine conspire to use him for their ends. Because somebody wanted him to come. They've been waiting for him, and Mark soon finds out that some secrets are better left buried.
Fantasy & SF
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06 augustus 2018

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