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ABC for Anxiety and Stress Relief

This is a book filled with life lessons by someone who is still learning about of life. The lessons in this book are all examples of tips, theories and exercises I have learned during some of the hardest times in my life. Due to these experiences and lessons I am now able to see these hard times as the times that have developed me the most. I would like to encourage anyone dealing with anxiety or trying to cope with a lot of stress to read this book. I hope that some of the lessons I have learned and share in this book are able to help you too. Every chapter of this book relates to a specific area in my life and both anxiety and stress relief are the common ground of all of them. I have also included chapters related to getting fitter and grief, since both have been major parts of my life. I hope that this book is an inspiration for you to reflect on your own process of self-development and helps you to set your own course for the life you want for yourself. 

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