An extraordinary life

An extraordinary life

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From a dreamy little girl who wrote poems and songs I turned into a rebelious teenager and later on I embarked on the bumpy road to stardom and success.
From an early age I wrote and apparently I was gifted with a beautiful voice; I was put in front of the class in primary school which was quite an ordeal because I was very shy. Singing in a rock and roll band I overcame me shyness and from then on I worked hard to become a great singer. I took singing lessons with the renowned vocal coach Bep Ogterob and later on I enrolled in the Sweelinck Music Conservatory in Amsterdam.
My first husband, the American poet Lee Bridges, stimulated me and with his help I did become a professional singer/guitarist.
We traveled to the Middle East where I sang in Inter-Continental Hotels in Kabul and Tehran. It was a life full of adventure and unforeseeen events. Happiness and hardships; been there, done that and it was a blast!
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Stella Jansen
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