Australian Rhapsody

Australian Rhapsody

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Pari Alexander Schoorel was born in Indonesia. As a child he experienced incredible hardship in Japanese prison camps during WW2. When his family managed to move back to Holland after the war, he felt a calling and became a very well-known actor and later, in his thirties, a classical singer and composer. When he embarked on his inner journey, he became Osho’s sannyasin, which for him was “a matter of life and death.”
Pari explains:
From my very young years I’ve been searching for “something more”. As a child I was often running through the woods, especially on Sundays. For me God, if he existed, was in nature, not in church. Going to the theatre school at the age of 17 was part of my search.
I can’t think of how I could have gone on living without meeting Osho. Osho several times said that his sannyasins have been with him in previous lives. In fact in this life the first time I felt being in contact with Osho was when I was 14 years of age, exactly on the day Osho became enlightened. I’ve written about that occasion in my third book: Australian Rhapsody.
I composed this third book especially for my many Australian friends. Australia, the country where I feel at home.
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