Capitalize your Self

Capitalize your Self

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Spiritual growth is accessible for everyone. Also if you are a corporate professional. Capitalize your Self is not only a self-help book to help you becoming more successful by expressing your inner strengths and qualities. Moreover, it describes the transformative process of living from the level of the conditioned ego self, to living in wholeness from the level of the true Self, with a capital ’S’. Once you clear yourself from the clutter and resistance of your ego mind, your true Self will open up to the flow of the Universe. Not as a peak experience, but as an overall state of being.

Michiel van Mourik (1979) has been interested in personal growth since his days as a lawyer in Amsterdam. His journey of awakening to spirituality is not always without obstacles. Yet it continues to give him more peace of mind, freedom and joy. With less worry, struggle and stress. In his down-to-earth manner, Michiel shares his story, visualization and meditation techniques for you to experience the same results. We have a life to lead here. Onward and upward, loveward and lifeward. Join in making the leap from your head to your heart and start awakening the potential of your unique true Self.
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Brave New Books
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17 september 2019

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