Cats of Amsterdam


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Born into a family of business people, I started the Dutch publishing
company Film Agenda, then became a successful entrepreneur
in real estate development. Later, facing rough times
from a divorce and almost going bankrupt, I began to understand
there is more to life than what money can buy. I realized
that, particularly in a crisis, a connection with people who love
and care is essential. In this fresh new mindset, I wrote my first
novel, Cats of Amsterdam, based on my life. I have tried to recreate
events, locales and conversations from my memories of
them.We are social animals that need each other. We need warmth, love, and affection,
and loneliness is perhaps the greatest punishment of
anyone on Earth.
It is easy to say that money does not make you happy. That is
an age-old motto and why we remain fascinated by characters
who question the pursuit of riches above all. Money is necessary,
and abundance is wonderful, but when we go to sleep
at night and wake up in the morning, life is about something
much warmer and enduring, and that is love.

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