Cider house rules
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The Cider House Rules


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"AN OLD-FASHIONED, BIG-HEARTED NOVEL . . . with its epic yearning caught in the 19th century, somewhere between Trollope and Twain . . . The rich detail makes for vintage Irving." --The Boston Sunday Globe

"The Cider House Rules is filled with people to love and to feel for. The characters in John Irving's novel break all the rules, and yet they remain noble and free-spirited. Victims of tragedy, violence, and injustice, their lives seem more interesting and full of thought-provoking dilemmas than the lives of many real people." --The Houston Post

"John Irving's sixth and best novel. He is among the very best storytellers at work today. At the base of Irving's own moral concerns is a rare and lasting regard for human kindness." --The Philadelphia Inquirer

"Entertaining and affecting . . . John Irving is the most relentlessly inventive writer around. He proliferates colorful incidents and crotchets of character. . . . A truly astounding amount of artistry and ingenuity." --The San Diego Union


Literatuur & Romans
Literaire fictie algemeen
Literaire roman, novelle
Aantal pagina’s
Eerste editie
01 juni 1986
Laatste editie
01 november 1999
9780552992046 , 9780345387653 , 9780679603351

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