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Affirmations and Mantras Change How We Feel

Affirmations become mantras for children when they are repeated over and over to oneself, out loud or silently. They change how we feel by aligning and attuning body, mind, and heart around a life-enhancing aspiration. In other words, affirmations are another technique for kids to use to set themselves up for doing their best and feeling amazingly good about their efforts.

Affirmations help children understand that, like the food they eat, the thoughts they think also shape how they feel and behave.

It allows them to take charge of the magic they create within themselves and their surroundings.

It’s empowering for children to act out physically what they are choosing to do mentally. This allows them to disengage with negative thinking and attune instead to a positive affirmation. Practice not only saying the positive affirmation but also visualizing themselves completing the goal they have set in a positive, successful manner.

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