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Hey, Are You Okay?
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Hey, Are You Okay?


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There are many books written about burn-out and depression. When illustrator Marieke went through that difficult time she found out she did not have the focus to read. Therefore after her recovery, she decided to draw her own book instead.

Today over 17.500 people have used the Dutch version of the book and psychologists and psychiatrists work with the book in their programs.
Now it’s here for you:

The author takes you through the book with lots of love, humor and patience. It's not about how she felt, oh no. It's about how she got herself back on track one step at a time. In 5 clear phases she takes you through her journey from ‘alert’ ('help, will this ever be ok?!') back to peace.
It’s a workbook that not only tells a story, but activates the reader to go through an own journey towards better times.

‘Hey Are You Okay’ is a particularly colourful, practical and uplifting book:

-It’s a book of things to do, full of all the tips, tricks, activities and stories that truly helped Marieke back on her feet.

-Hand illustrated, because reading was impossible when Marieke went trough the difficult time.

-Love hope and empty space, for all you notes and thoughts. Because it’s about your journey.

Summarising, ‘Hey Are You Okay’ can be a daily journal for anyone with a burn-out or depression. It can be a beautiful gift to someone you love, a neighbour or family member that’s going through a difficult time.
Even when someone is already going to a coach of psychologists, it can add value especially for that time when you’re on the couch at home.


Gezondheid & Psychologie
Psychologie algemeen
Aantal pagina’s
Marieke de Goeij Illustratie
Eerste editie
20 maart 2023
Laatste editie
20 maart 2023

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