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How persistent, that tropical blue sky
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How Persistent, That Tropical Blue Sky


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‘Images that touch us make words redundant.’ -- Anne Wil Petterson

This collection of poetic verses provides a fascinating insight into everyday life in an African village.
By establishing a homestead, we not only enjoy the view from the veranda, but live with the people in the village as they creatively secure a livelihood, consult their spirits, healers and prophets and fear the power of the witches. We experience the remnants of the colonial period and the governance of the village, chieftaincy and irrigation scheme.

The verses transcend the village boundaries as they reveal the nature of daily life that revolves around giving and taking space, harmony and conflict, symbolised by rain and drought.

‘It is not only coherent sociology of the village and its irrigation scheme, but also a compelling narrative that captures the emotional and psychological texture of people’s lives.’ -- Ann Long

‘It is a real art to study daily life, and if we practice this art thoroughly, the answers will emerge.’ -- Norman Long

Dr Ir Carin Vijfhuizen is a rural development sociologist and an international expert in capacity building and institutional strengthening. Her recent books are: ‘Worthwhile’ and ‘We want to be great’ ( +

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05 december 2022
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05 december 2022

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