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Soon to be a major film. Incarceron - a futuristic prison like no other: it deals life and death. It watches all. Inside, descendants of original prisoners exist in a terrifying mix of high technology and medieval torture chamber, a hidden world torn by rivalry and savagery, so vast it contains cells and corridors, cities, forests, seas. Legend says only one man, Sapphique, has ever escaped. But 17-year-old Finn has haunting visions of earlier life. Has he really always been here? Outside, Claudia, daughter of Incarceron's Warden, is trapped in her own kind of prison - a world constructed by computer to look like a past era, the advance of Time forbidden. A forced marriage she dreads, assassination plots she fears, and desires. She knows nothing of Incarceron. Then Finn and Claudia simultaneously find a device – a crystal key. They can talk to each other. One inside, one outside. The plan for escape is born. But Incarceron knows - for Incarceron is alive ...
Young adult
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