Jean Paul Sartre in the Congo


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“Sartre” is a funny and magic realistic story, told by “Sartre”, a lonely donkey (jack ass) in the Kongo. Even set in times of war, of despair, of rebel fights, the novel lets a dancing, speaking and singing Botswana ass tells his life. With a sharp critical eye on how he looks to the world as a funny stage for and with bad actors. But all along his travels, he is missing a lovely partner to make little ones. He falls in love and even more with a magic “zonkie” (zebra and donkey), Gabriella. Important historical persons play a role in this African struggle: like Lumumba, Jean Schramme, Che Guevara, Mobutu and of course Jeeppie, his philosopher boss and grave digger, a Jean-Paul Sartre adept. book will also be available through and +

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05 februari 2021

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