Kundalini Awakening


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An Essential Guide to Achieving Higher Consciousness, Opening the Third Eye, Balancing Your Chakras, and Understanding Spiritual Enlightenment. Do you want to reduce stress, improve your mental health, and unleash your limitless power to experience ultimate joy? If yes, then you've accepted the Universe's invitation for your Kundalini Awakening... Deep in your spine resides an ancient power ready to give you elevated awareness, unconditional love, and acceptance far beyond what you can imagine. This age-old power is "Kundalini" energy in Hinduism, translating to "coiled snake" in Sanskrit. In Shaiva Tantra (a tantric subsect of Hinduism), a deity named "Shakti" is the source of everything in our universe. Her power resides inside your biology, within this coiled snake (Muladhara). Kundalini was acknowledged in Western analytical psychology, especially by Carl Jung who regarded it as the pillar of Tantrist philosophy. Starting today, you can harness this power by channeling pure white Kundalini energy into your crown chakra. Soon enough, unblocking the knots of your mind will become easier. Feelings of denial, rejection, trauma, and reflections on painful memories will come to an end. Receiving this divine power can firmly print healing and peace in your headspace and take you on a systematic journey back to God, the Universe, and yourself. New energetic wisdom can fill you with rising prosperity, self-love, and self-healing... You may find that your everyday experience is one of mindfulness and positivity as radiant golden energy continually nourishes you. So, how can you awaken Kundalini? Common techniques include daily meditations, practicing mantras, visualization meditation, and Kriya yoga - where you hold sacred poses for several minutes a day... These methods have the potential to awaken Kundalini and help you maintain a connection with the divine. But, be warned... Rushing the process can yield unpleasant results. The author discusses the steps you need to take and avoid in the latest edition of this book, Kundalini Awakening. This practical guide helps beginners understand Kundalini and unleash its power as a positive force to change the course of their days. You'll also learn... - Secret Breathing Techniques to Instantly Connect with Kundalini (works for men and women!) - Special Mantras to Boost Positivity (works whether you've just celebrated a jubilee birthday or are preparing for your 75th!) - Top Things to Do After Your Kundalini Awakening (Chapter Ten – must do!) - Kriya Yoga Secrets Exposed (why your yoga clothes matter!) - And Much More! Imagine the peace you'll feel as you connect with divine energy, achieve spiritual enlightenment, and restore balance and harmony to your life! Get this book now and begin your journey to becoming one with the Universe today!


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01 januari 2021
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01 april 2021

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