Let The Drums Speak!: The Life Story Of The World's Most Recorded Drummer


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Biography of Bernard "Pretty" Purdie, the world's most recorded drummer.Bernard Pretty Purdie is arguably the most recorded drummer in the world. He hit the New York music scene in the early 1960 s, and landed his first hit with Mickey and Sylvia the beginning of a stellar career. This led to his 25-year association with Aretha Franklin. Purdie has been a regular guest in the studios of the stars of Jazz, Soul and Rock, working together with Lonnie Youngblood, King Curtis, Les Cooper, Paul Butterfield, Larry Coryell, Miles Davis, Hall & Oates, Al Kooper, Herbie Mann, Todd Rundgren and Cat Stevens, as well, as regularly producing his own solo albums. Who provided the backbeat for Steely Dan's "Aja ? And for whom have Isaac Hayes, Donny Hathaway, B.B. King, Joe Cocker, Jeff Beck and Alan Jackson reserved that stool behind the drum kit? Bernard Pretty Purdie. He has anchored sessions with the Rolling Stones, James Brown and Tom Jones with equal ease. The list is incomplete. It must be, because no other drummer in the last four decades has seen the interior of a recording studio as often as Bernard "Pretty" Purdie.BERNARD PURDIE was born June 11, 1942 in Elkton, Maryland, as the eleventh of fifteen children. As a six-year-old, he began banging out rhythms on improvised equipment. At 14 years of age he purchased his first real drum set and became the most important provider for the family - earning his pay playing with country and carnival bands. This "schooling" enabled Purdie to "feel my way into nearly every kind of music, 'cause I had to know all styles and was never afraid to try something new." After finishing high school and spending a year and a half at Morgan State, Purdie moved to New York City. And that's where it all started. Purdie remains a sought after studio and live performer. He lives in New Jersey, but still travels domestically and internationally - a lot!"Drummer, musician, producer, arranger and musical director, Bernard Purdie can be proud of a discography of over 3,000 recordings. From his first recordings with King Curtis and Aretha Franklin to later sessions with Larry Coryell, Miles Davis, Hall & Oates, Al Kooper, Herbie Mann, Todd Rundgren, Steely Dan, Cat Stevens, BB King, James Brown, Isaac Hayes, the Rolling Stones, Joe Cocker and countless others, his definitive style has anchored sessions on some of the greatest songs of the modern era. His grooves have been sampled, cut and pasted on dance tracks and his groove is sought after in all genres of jazz, soul and funk. He is now a reference point in the basics of modern drumming with the innovation of the Purdie Shuffle, which was the inspiration behind Jeff Porcaro's Rosanna, a fusion of Purdie s Shuffle and John Bonham s 'Fool In The Rain.'" - From an interview by Mike Dolbea"As you read this, someone, somewhere in the world, is listening to a hit record that features the amazing drummer, Bernard "Pretty" Purdie. His playing reflects his magnetic personality and his passion for life. Purdie makes the magic happen, but without tricks." - Jimmy "Wiz" Wisner"BB King said to me: 'Coleman, have you ever heard the King Curtis recording Memphis Soul Stew? Well the drummer who plays that fatback groove is Bernard Purdie. So, if you groove me like he does, you and me gonna be just fine.' And that is what I do when I play, I try to groove like my mentor and friend, Bernard 'Pretty' Purdie!" - Tony Coleman, B.B. King Band drummer +

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