Love Unpacked


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You can't change the past, but you can learn from it if you are willing to open your eyes to the deeper meaning of each story you're holding onto. Andi Franklin was eight years into her happily ever after when her husband literally shook her world with four little words: "You never initiate sex." Tormented by his statement, she began reflecting on her marriage and life, determined to figure out how she got there - there being a happily married woman who loved her husband AND intimacy, yet somehow couldn't initiate sex. Soon, Andi would begin digging into her past, literally unpacking moments and traumas that she unknowingly had allowed to inform her present. And through this process, she learned that by unpacking these moments collected throughout a lifetime, it's easy to see the full spectrum of impact they have had and begin to move forward. In Love Unpacked, Andi examines issues of abandonment, shame, grief, and anger among others. Through her own stories, she teaches readers that to find true self-acceptance, happiness, and love, you don't need to backpack through the wilderness, travel the world, sell all of your belongings, join a nudist survival colony, or anything quite so dramatic. The greatest quest of your existence lies in an overflowing bag at your feet, waiting for you to unlock its mysteries and treasures. Love, Unpacked is a raw, inspirational memoir of one woman's journey through loss, pain, and the struggle for self-acceptance. With unflinching honesty, wry humor, and a sprinkle of swear words, Andi Franklin unpacks her own stories, confronts her past, and finds her way to unconditional love


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01 januari 2020
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09 februari 2021

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