Physical immortality


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Caution! Continued reading of this book may cause you permanent JOY and Eternal LIFE!
Did you know that as humans we have a secret desire known as the unconscious death urge? The unconscious death urge is our secret desire to destroy a body we feel trapped in.

The real tragedy of the unconscious death urge is not only that it causes us to die before our time, but that it generates a resistance-to-life of pure JOY. It makes life less attractive and therefore intensifies our desire to die and put an end to our misery. It’s a vicious cycle.

This book is part of the total solution that is 100% affirmative of life that reminds you of your childhood dreams and offers a viable alternative.

Here is just a small taste of what you’ll discover in this groundbreaking book:

• How family patterns and loyalties can determine your lifespan;
• When we open to the possibility of living forever, we create things that last because we intend to last;
• How important your mind is to a healthy body and the body of the planet;
• The main causes of sickness and how to heal anything;
• How to master the game of life and become conscious of your authorship of reality, so that you can change your course toward perfect happiness;
• Why your thoughts always come before your experience, how your negative thoughts are actually killing you. This book gives powerful pathways to remove them from your mind forever;
• How to dismantle the death urge, the unconscious and hypnotic program which is literally killing you;
• And so much more!

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