Road Trip


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Most people celebrate their half century birthday surrounded by family and friends. Sam Chapman is unlike most people. He decides turning fifty deserves a special celebration, and embarks upon a road trip across America, one that reveals the many layers of Sam's inner soul. With only a map in the glove box and some cash and a credit card in his wallet, Sam begins a journey that will forever change his life. Over the course of ten days, Sam drives from his home in Provincetown, Massachusetts to meet his best friend, who lives in Bishop, California. The three thousand mile road trip becomes an excursion filled with beautiful scenery, remarkable villages and towns and several interludes with nature. Along the way, Sam meets a variety of characters and discovers parts of the country that are magical, mysterious, and redefine the meaning of natural beauty. Ten stops in as many days lead the way to Sam's half-century birthday celebration, and pave a new meaning of getting from Point A to Point B. "Road Trip" will take you on a back seat adventure to undiscovered towns tucked throughout 14 states across America. Reading this novel will inspire readers to step back in time, when traveling was something to be enjoyed and savored, not merely endured.


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09 februari 2021
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27 maart 2008

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