Save the Planet by Doing Nothing


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On average, mankind uses 1.7 Earths each year for raw materials, food and energy. Many countries even more. Most green initiatives call for action, but do not address the over-consumption and its causes. This manifesto shows our true escape: stop doing, degrowth and help Mother Earth to regenerate. Work with nature, not against it. The knowledge is still here. People are doers and always call for action. But doing is exactly the root cause of the ecological problems we now face. All of our doing in technology, economy, health care, agriculture and even education is detouring from what ís needed: to start aligning with nature and just do nothing at all. Not in doing, but in not doing we find the basis for progress. Save the planet by doing nothing is an honest, positive, informative and very clarifying discourse on our current transition.


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06 juli 2021
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06 juli 2021

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