Sick to Fit

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If you’re overweight or obese... If you’re constantly tired, bloated, constipated, achy, sluggish, depressed, or anxious... If you’re diabetic or pre-diabetic... If your doctor keeps warning you about the risk of cancer, heart disease, or other lifestyle- reversible calamity... If you’re constantly worried about your blood pressure, weight, insomnia, eating habits... But you still find it next to impossible to stick to a healthy diet, exercise, and lifestyle plan... 
 Then you might be going about things the wrong way. Let’s face it - despite a flood of information and advice, we’re getting sicker and fatter all the time. That’s because the vast majority of “conventional” advice is outdated, wrong-headed, and just plain ineffective. Within this storm of bad news and bad advice, there’s a growing tribe of outliers who have managed to lose hundreds of pounds, reverse “impossible to cure” diseases, and even - to their own shock and delight - become fit and high-performing athletes. Their stories don’t get a lot of media attention, because they aren’t selling anything. No pills, powders, or potions. No expensive workout gadgets. No late night informercial magic formulas. They simply rediscovered some basic, natural truths about the human animal. What we’re designed to eat. How we’re designed to move. And how we’re meant to think and feel. When we get away from our natural heritage, we suffer. When we return to it, we thrive. Read Sick To Fit to discover how Josh LaJaunie went from a 420-pound food addict to the cover of Runner’s World magazine, as well as live appearances on Good Morning America and The Today Show. Discover the simple secrets for a healthy life that have transformed dozens of members of the Missing Chins Run Club and clients of WellStart Health from sick and sad to fit and fulfilled. In Sick To Fit, you’ll learn: • the one food rule that banishes confusion, eliminates the need to count calories or restrict portion size, and makes you impervious to the marketing and clickbait BS perpetrated by the food industry • how to honor your culture and heritage without suffering from the diseases that are killing your people (coming from the Bayou of South Louisiana, Josh knows a thing or two about being a foodie) • how to use social and family pressure to get stronger and more committed • how to prevent self-sabotage after initial success • how to start exercising safely if you’re overweight (by 20 or 200 pounds) • the four-question FAST Assessment (the “Swiss Army Knife” of sustainable behavior change) • how to master life’s stressors so they don’t turn into binges • how to never “fall off the wagon” again - even if you’ve failed at dozens of diets before • and much more... Written with behavioral health expert Howard Jacobson, PhD, Sick To Fit combines Josh’s journey with cutting edge nutritional, exercise, neurological, and habit science. Sick To Fit is your roadmap to better health and a more joyful life. “Sick To Fit is a captivating, inspiring and practical story of an epic transformation. And don’t be deceived by how entertaining this page-turner of a book is. What you’re about to have fun reading is scientifically proven, and it just might change your life.” Ocean Robbins, Author, 31-Day Food Revolution CEO, Food Revolution Network http://foodrevolution.

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