Six clocks on the wall

Six clocks on the wall

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A little girl from a small village.
Born into a poor Christian family.
Faith has always been the center point of my life. A few years ago I fully surrendered my life over to Christ, after being a muslim for eight years. At that point I began to grasp the concept of Christ's true love and forgiveness.
My childhood was a dark time. My parents did not raise me. Therefore there was always a feeling of loneliness. I started to have problems with my eye sight. Decades later I found out that I have a severe form of RP, Retinitis Pigmentosa. Till this day they can not do anything for me. So, I am not able to work.
Losing my grandmother was a bitter pill for me to swallow. I would call her 'mom', because she was always there for me. My life changed after her death.
The miseries did not end when I got older. Moving to Holland brought more challenges. Like, the long search for my father and sister.
Now, I have got six wonderful children. They are my life, my timeline. Looking back now, I know that everything I have been through was for a reason.

My name is Charmain, and this is my story.
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