Six Months With Three Pairs Of Undies


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“One of the best books ever written about the PCT. A true personal story and a real homage to the trail and its people.” D. McKinsky

Everyone has a story to tell.
This is our story about our adventures on the Pacific Crest Trail. A 2650-mile-hike through the American wilderness. From Mexico to Canada. This is a story about passion, adventure, love, wonderment and inspiration. The chapters vary in perspective. Some stories are told by André. Others are experienced through Lian’s eyes. The result is a very personal and interesting story of two different people, who experience the most amazing adventures together.

“Well written with a great sense of humor. It felt like I was with you all the time. Especially at the end. I’m not a hiker, but I feel like I’ve been there and done it. Thank you so much!” M. Rutherford

“An amazing and very impressive story. This is a wonderful book for people who enjoy a challenge. ‘The Ultimate Challenge’ might have been a good title for this book as well.” J. Ridderhof

“I have so much respect for you. This story touched my heart and left me speechless. It’s a roller coaster of adventures and emotions.” A. Tak

“The pure strength to pull through and overcome. So much inspiration. Such beautiful characters.” C. Embrechts

We wish you a wonderful reading experience!
André and Lian de Jel

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