The Cadfael Companion


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Since the publication of 'A morbid taste for bones' in 1977, millions of readers throughout the world have been captivated and enthralled by the exploits and adventures of Brother Cadfael, the twelfth-century Welsh monk and herbalist of Shrewsbury Abbey who uses his skills, knowledge and considerable powers of deduction to solve murder mysteries.
The first book was set in the spring of 113; the second in the summer of 1138. Thereafter, the Chronicles have progressed steadily until now number twenty. Set in England and Wales during the turbulent reign of King Stephen, the novels are a rich blend of historical fact and derived fiction: people and places, real and imagined, are woven with such skill and confidence into the fabric of the whole that without access to the author's mind or knowledge of her references it becomes almost impossible to disentangle. But Cadfael fans, like the good monk himself, are endlessly curious ....

While writing and researching 'Cadfael Country', Robin Whiteman discovered a wealth of fascinating material relating to Cadfael and his colourful world. Indexing the mysteries produced a list of over one thousand characters and locations, factual and fictional, some appearing in only one story, others recurring again and again. An encyclopaedic guide to these, and to Cadfael's plants and herbs, plus a glossary of medieval terms, form 'The Cadfael Companion'.

Introduction by Ellis Peters.

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Little Brown UK
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01 januari 1991

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