The Haunting of Ironwood

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A house-sitting job turns into a nightmare...Katie Travers is down on her luck. Her relationship with her boyfriend is on the rocks. She's behind on her rent, and the only job she can find is offered by an eccentric man who lives in a house in the woods.Ironwood, he calls it. It's not too creepy once you get past all the pictures of the mysterious woman lining the halls, the iron bars covering all the windows, or the fact that it's outside of screaming distance from the nearest soul. But constructed entirely out of the hardest wood on the planet, it's a veritable fortress. And when Katie finds the front door bolted shut with her inside, it becomes her prison.There's a secret in old Ironwood that's begging to get out. And so is Katie. But her captor has a demented game in store for her.Fighting against time, Katie has to find a way out of her jail before the bars close for good. Because a ghost that's dead but not forgotten lingers in the halls, and soon it will consume Katie's mind and soul...
Fantasy & SF
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10 april 2019

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