The lives of the Kings & Queens of England

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Here in a sweep of colorful episodes are the source of England's monarchs, spanning ten great dynasties, from the Normans of 1066 to the House of Windsor today.
Antonia Fraser introducesthis pageant of royalty, and eight specialist contributors bring to life the complete characters of both well-loved figures such as Victoria and enigmatic, little-known sovereigns as Richard III.
Accompanying the text re 150 contemporary illustrations and handsome color drawings of the royal coats of armes , whose origins and significance are clearly explaiened.
Richly illustrated and vividly narrated, this is a glittering celebration of almost one thousand years of English history, told through the lives and deeds of Englands Kings and Queens.

( niet op flap: Originally published: London : Weidenfield en Nicolson, 1975)
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