Secrets of winterhouse
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The secrets of winterhouse


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Young adult   Topics 0
Bookish puzzles, phantom mysteries, and evil curses await as Elizabeth returns to Winterhouse in The Secrets of Winterhouse, the second audiobook in Ben Guterson's magical series.

Back at the Winterhouse hotel for another holiday season, Elizabeth and Freddy dig deeper into the mystery surrounding Riley S. Granger, a hotel guest who left behind odd artifacts—one being a magical book that the evil Gracella Winters once attempted to use to gain destructive power over the entire Falls lineage. The two friends follow a trail of clues, inadvertently attracting the attention of a suspicious new hotel guest: Elana Vesper. The clock is ticking as Elizabeth and Freddy struggle to figure out whether Elana is merely a pawn or a player in the plot to revive the spirit of Gracella. If that wasn’t enough, Elizabeth suspects she is coming into her own special powers—and she’s fearful it might lead her right into Gracella’s vicious web. Mystery, adventure, and a winning friendship combine in this much anticipated sequel.

Young adult
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Winterhouse (2)
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Mckinsey & Company Inc
Eerste editie
31 december 2019
Laatste editie
31 december 2019

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