Theology of The Womb


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If it is true that God is male, then his divinity or deity is expressed in his masculinity. Yet I am a woman, and there are parts of my body - such as my breasts, my vagina, and my ovaries - that are telling a story about God that I have never been taught or truly understood. This is an exploration of the signifigance of a womb that must shed and bleed before it can create. This is a book about theology found in the cycle of the uterus, which births both life and death.
How will we engage our body which cyclically bleeds throughout our life and can also house a human soul? How wil we honor the womb, that both lives and dies within us? This creation process needs to be awakened in our churches and integrated into our society. Will we courageausly choose to listen to the sound of our voices, the song of our womb, and speak for the world to hear?

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