To Dream In Daylight

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From childhood, Adri and Simon have always been there for each other, through every loss, triumph, joy and heartbreak. They’re perfect for each other - but there’s an unfortunate catch. They’ve only ever met in their dreams, which means each of them thinks the other one is just a figment of their imagination…

...but what if they weren’t?

All it takes is one video clip to change their lives forever.

When introverted Adri finds herself going viral overnight thanks to an embarrassing video, all she wants to do is disappear forever. But on the other side of the country in Portland, Simon sees the video and realizes for the first time that his soulmate - the girl of his actual dreams - is real. Simon’s desperate search for Adri leads him through the streets of Chicago, hoping against all odds that they will finally find each other in the waking world instead of losing one another forever to the haze of their dreams.
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01 september 2020

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The premise of Adri and Simon meeting each other in their dreams sounded great A "humorous new adult romance" about two people brought together by fate Although it seemed like the perfect book to read at night Discover why Tau doesn't share the other readers' delight Expectations Every reader...

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