Truth be Told

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Xander Dorian never asked to be king. He never asked to be born a half-breed with both siren and human traits. He certainly never asked to be shunned by both species and still be expected to adhere to their traditions. After dedicating his life to protecting the kingdom of Atlantia by staying as far from his birthright as possible, Xander thought he'd concocted the perfect plan to disappear from the siren world altogether. When his plan to bring back his dead brother failed and he was murdered by the slayer Lilla Warner, Atlantia feared she'd lost her rightful king for good.However, the day before Xander's burial, the sea prince is mysteriously resurrected and is thrust back into the political unrest he'd spent centuries avoiding. When he learns that there are demons in the court and angels interfering with the world's delicate balance, Xander discovers that the necromancer chasing his beloved vampire, Eliza, and the never ending stream of questions from her fledgling, are tied to a bigger, earth shattering, plan set in place by a sinister force named Caliban. Xander must face his past and accept his present if he wants to change the future. The fate of the world depends on him.
Fantasy & SF
(The Lives we live)
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06 maart 2019

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I really enjoyed this book!

door: Ursula Visser 1 like
No, No, I do not want this book to end! It was late last night that I read the last few pages, unable to put it away! The first book 'White Lies' introduced me into the world of Matthew Hex and his vampire sire Eliza, this book, however, dives deeper into their world and that of siren Xander. He...

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