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Wesley, The Story of a Remarkable Owl


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When biologist Stacey O'Brien met a four-day-old baby baren owl, little did she know that this fateful encounter would turn into an astonishing 19-year love affair. With nerve damage in one wing, the owlet had no hope of surviving on his own in the wild, but luckily form him O'Brien was immediately smitten, promising t care for the helpless little creature and give him a permanent home. With both a tender heart and a scientist's eye, O'Brien records the owlet's progress from a comical ball of fuzz into a clumsy adolescent, and finally to a gorgeous, gold-and-white adult owl with the endearing heart-shaped face characteristic of the species. Their bond deepens as she discovers Wesley's outsize personality, subtle intelligence and playful nature. When O'Brien develops a life-threatening illness, she attributes her survival largely to the insistent love of this extraordinary wild animal.

Constable & Robinson
Eerste editie
01 januari 2008

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