A wink in the darkness


Manja Croiset was born in Amsterdam, July 5,1946. The youngest of three daughters of SHOAH survivors. Her father, half Jewish, was in concentration camps during the war because of underground printing, including HET PAROOL (started as a resistance newspaper). Her mother lost her entire family-(grand)parents, brother and sister-during this tragic period of history. Paula Kool March 11, 1918 - May 11, 2012. Her father, Odo Croiset April 24, 1915- November 18, 2011, son of Hijman Croiset. Famous in the roaring twenties. As a girl,Manja felt invisible, with no right to fear or sorrow because of the tragedies her parents had survived-always so much worse than anything she was going through or ever could go through.The times she lodged in traditional mental hospitals were terrible experiences, torture. No cure.Of course her situation and condition worsened. She was only SIXTEEN when her mother decided she had to go away.
Through her writings, she has become less invisible. Never the chance to mourn her ruined life. Willy Lindwer made Well-known.Honored with an Emmy Award for the "Last seven months of Anne Frank"an English subtitled movie about the gruesome life of Miss Croiset.SHOCKING
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Geschiedenis & Politiek
Laatste editie
19 januari 2016
Brave New Books
9789402137835 , 9789402144642

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