Breath Clouds

Breath clouds

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Willem Janssen (1978) is a Dutch musician, poet and teacher of Dutch as a Second Language.

This is his English poetry debut Breath Clouds. Next to this bundle, he simultaneously released a collection of his Dutch poetry by the name of Ademwolken. Together, these two bundles form a tangible result of an intensive 365-day challenge, in which Janssen posted one spoken word video online every day. All 365 videos, produced by Frans van Gastel (You Echo), can be found at

Breath Clouds are mostly short poetic observations. Sometimes cheerful, but more often of melancholic nature. Janssen’s style is both clear and concise. The following ‘breath cloud’ might be a good example of what he’s trying to achieve through his poetry:

Strive to combine

I strive to combine
Content with a strong punch line
It would really make me sick
If I’d continue for the sake of it
And add words that no one needs
Just to satisfy my greed.

Cover design: You Echo
Photo on back cover: Teis Albers
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13 november 2017
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